Natural pebble is a pure product, giving a natural yet practical way of producing beautiful swimming pools, economically using the earth´s resources. The natural looking water colour this method gives is a refraction of the light as it passes through water, reflecting and pebble surface.

With two sizes of pebble available, Pebbletec® and Pebblesheen®, it´s possible to create distinct finishes. The mining and extraction methods are licensed and controlled by environmental agencies, and the pebble is used in its natural state, only graded and rinsed, so no harmful emissions or pollutant bi-products are produced.

The process


The pebble and cement mixture is applied either mechanically by pump or manually to the interior surfaces of the pool. Using a unique method and specialized equipment, the surface is then washed to expose the top layer of pebble. The process involves a highly skilled team working together to ensure a uniform and homogenous surface throughout the pool.



A truly beautiful finish to any pool - naturally! Pebbletec® interiors have many advantages over any other form of pool interior, they will never need re-grouting and there is never a possibility of tiles coming loose. There is also no danger of delamination or osmosis associated with fiberglass pools and none of the routine maintenance required for a painted finish pool. Pebbletec® pools can be built to any shape or style without complications caused by tiling or problems associated with other finishes.


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