Atlaspool have been renovating existing swimming pools, as well creating new ones, for years. A cleverly designed renovation can be cost effective and deliver a beautiful feature that could be confused with a something brand new. 

By incorporating innovative finishes, lighting, new filtration systems or creating landscaped relaxation areas, we can renovate and improve and repair any existing swimming pool into something you´ll enjoy for years to come. Our renovation work are: residential or commercial



Incorporating innovative finishes, lighting and new filtration systems with striking landscaped relaxation areas in your garden space is the aim for most pool owners and our desire is to meet and even surpass our client´s expectations.

Our renovations can include:

  • lighting
  • tiling
  • paving
  • filtration systems
  • resurfacing
  • decking

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It´s no surprise that southern Spain has a huge market for commercial swimming pools but what you might not know is that laws and regulations for pool construction and renovation have changed dramatically over the last few years. 

At atlaspool, keeping up to date on developments in the industry is crucial to our business and as a member of the ATEP, you can rest assured that our team has the knowledge and experience to upgrade commercial pools to the newest standards. This includes:


  • Money saving/ energy saving: Innovations in the industry have led to the development of cost effective pumps, filters, lights etc. Today´s pools and spas used around 60% less energy than they did 20 years ago.


  • Heat pump conversions: Our new heat pumps use 68% less energy than traditional heaters – prolonging the swimming season for just a few cents a day. Some models even have the ability to cool water on extraordinarily hot days.


  • Variable speed pumps: New speed pumps use 64% less electricity than single speed pumps, keeping the water cleaner for less cost.


  • Automated systems: The pools of today practically look after themselves. Possible the greatest breakthrough for commercial pool operations is the new pH/ORP control system. This system monitors the ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) of the water and the pH, automatically adjusting the settings on the chlorinator and the acid control system to keep the chemicals in balance.


  • Replastering/retiling surfaces: If the interior finish of the pool is looking worn, it may be that the grouting has worn away or the tiles are loose. Any lifting or cracks could be a sign of a construction defect such as faulty material or faulty application. Atlaspool will diagnose any problems and can resurface and tile your pool in a variety of different tile designs and colours. As suppliers of Pebbletec®, we can apply a durable pebble finish that will last 10 years or more.


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