Koi Ponds

Atlas Pool also uses its pool building expertise to create beautiful Koi Carp ponds that add an aesthetic element to gardens and terraces areas.

The construction principles are very similar to that of a swimming pool, using reinforced concrete with a special coating inside and a very wide range of styles, shapes, sizes and finishing details.

Your Koi pond can therefore be round, oval, straight-edged or irregular in shape, vary from a swimming-pool sized pond to a small discreet one and offer a great choice of personalised touches ranging from Japanese-style pebbles to rock features, water plants and Thai-inspired wooden structures and Balinese thatch.

Creating a visually pleasing element and peaceful spot in your garden by day, at night they are transformed into a beautiful spectacle that brings your outdoor areas to life and infuses them with the meditative essence of oriental gardens.

Combined with exotic flowers, natural textures and tasteful lighting these features add a fantastic element to your garden. Water plants and of course a well-functioning filtration system also ensure your Koi a healthy and pleasant living environment, as well as keeping maintenance easy.

Atlas Pool are also experts at modernising and extending existing ponds. Please contact us for information or any questions you may have.