Design of your Pool

Before Design
To help you achieve exactly the look you want, it´s helpful to know how different materials and other choices change the look, feel and style of your swimming pool. You can create a formal or traditional look, or you can create a natural looking lagoon, or almost anything in between.
Be sure to take a look at the list of Pool Construction to find out what is available for a custom swimming pool.
As stimulated by the Photos in our Gallery, you are limited only by your own imagination.

When you are ready, the Atlas Pool Design-Build program allows you - the home owner - to play an integral role in the design and construction of your pool. Working side by side with our experienced staff gives you added peace of mind and the convenience of working with a single contractor through every step of the process.Whether we provide the initial design plans or work with design plans you have already developed, Atlas Pool Design Build service provides you an unprecedented continuity of service that will save you time and money.
At Atlas Pool, we believe that a family´s home is an expression of their lifestyle and personality. We will work as your partner in identifying your desires for your home through the design process, then, help you make those dreams come true as construction progresses.
Atlas Pool´s expert staff will offer guidance through each step, from designing the pool plan that meets your family´s specific needs, to choosing quality products that are best suited to your budget.
You are the team Leader.
You and your family are the most  important members of our Design-Build team.
Your ideas and specific goals for your home are the starting point from which your team will work.
Tell us your dreams and ideas, and our expert staff will create an individualized design based on your family´s lifestyle. You can take advantage of your team´s skills, experience and knowledge to make your dreams become a reality. Each project has its own special concerns. However, with Atlas Pools staff on your team, these concerns seldom become problems. We in partnership with outside professional engineers and selected architects will make certain that all applicable building codes and structural requirements are fully met throughout the project. If you are remodeling, Atlas Pools staff can offer solutions to correct or compensate for design or structural issues in your existing pool.
We offer a full Swimming Pool design service with all drawings needed for the construction, that you can see your Project in its completed form.
The Choice is Yours - The Quality is Ours