Swim Spa

A place where you can luxuriate

Combining the supple curves and lustrous finish of an acrylic spa with the highest quality swim current, the swim spa provides the perfect antidote to the stress of everyday life- a place where you can luxuriate in a sculpted spa seat or swim for
fitness and improve your health.
Designed to fit virtually anywhere, the swim spa comes fully skirted in a handsome cedar cabinet. Pre plumbed, the unit can be installed quickly on any sound, level surface. While typically installed on a deck or patio, a swim spa can be installed indoors in a converted garage or with new construction on any surface capable of supporting the weight.

  Enjoy garden living at its finest with a pool and a spa
  all in one. Fits even the tightest spaces. Push button
  controls for the jets and the two underwater lights are
  within easy reach from the seats. A remote control
  lets you turn the swim current on and off. With the push
  of a button, adjust the speed from a gentle breast
  stroke to a 1:08 100 m swim pace challenging even
  to competitive swimmers.

If you require more information about swim spas, please get in contact with us.