Filter System

Filter and the different Filter mediums ...

Every swimming pool has a circulation pump and filter. The filters most common these days are sand filters, and are much easier to maintain than the earlier diatomaceous filters of a few years back. The pool pump ensures that the
swimming pool water moves through the filter every day, thus removing unwanted pollutants and disinfected organic materials as quickly as possible.

Other common pool filters include DE (diatomaceous earth) filters, which are able to filter out finer particles of dirt, though they require more maintenance. Cartridge filters are also quite widespread and are quite simple to maintain.

The Zeolite ( specifically the clinoptilolite mineral ) is able to filter particles as finely as DE filters in addition to having a capacity to absorb ammonia and its complexes ( reducing combined chlorine and offensive chlorine odours ),
while not requiring any extra maintenance.

The latest  filter medium is glass, finely crushed recycled glass. Safer to use,better cleaning results and lower operating costs. ( download the full information in News )