Commercial Renovation

bring your pool to the latest standard

We at Atlas Pool, stayed on the cutting edge of developments in our industry for many years. We have long been active in the commercial pool buisness, and we are member of the ATEP.
So when you talk to us about commercial pools, you can rest assured you are working with a company that knows what they are doing.
We have experience in upgrading your commercial pool to the newest standards.
The new regulation for the use of commercial pools in Spain affects most of the commercial pools. Under News you can download the latest version of the Andalusian rules.
It´s no secret that southern Spain is a huge market for commercial and residential swimming pools. What you may not know is that laws and technology for pool construction and renovation have changed dramatically over the last few years.
Equipment that was " cutting edge " ten years ago may be costing you three to five times more to operate compared to today´s equipment.

Money-Saving,Energy-Saving Upgrades
The Industry has been working hard to develop more cost-efficient pumps, filters, lights, heaters and control systems. Altogether, today´s swimming pools use about 60% less energy than they did 20 years ago.

Heat Pump Conversions
Our new heat pumps use 68 % less energy than traditional heaters. They can extend the swimming season for just cents a day. Some models can also cool the water on extra - hot days.

Variable speed pumps
These new variable speed pumps use 64 % less electricity than single speed pumps. They run longer at low cost, keeping pool water cleaner for less money.

New Automation Systems
With the new automation systems , today´s pools practically take care of themselves. Perhaps the single greatest breakthrough for commercial pool operations is the new PH/ ORP control system. Much more than a simple chlorinator,
this system monitors the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) of the water and the pH. It then automatically adjusts the settings on the chlorinator and the acid control system to keep your chemicals in balance.
What was once a daily chore can now be checked once a month.

Retile - Replaster Surface
If the interior finish of your pool is looking worn, its probably that grouting gone of, tiles are loose.. We can tile your pool with a wide range of different tiles and colours. Also we can give you a pebble finish which lasts 10 years and more,
and its stunningly beautiful.
The lifting and cracks in tile or cement are commonly just patched or replaced by inexperienced pool contractors. But this is a mistake. A crack is a sign of  a construction defect such as faulty material, faulty application, or the absence
of proper control joints. Whatever it is, it must be diognosed and corrected at the source. Otherwise, the problems will continue to haunt you for years to come.

So whenever there has something to be done with your commercial pool, call us the experts at Atlas Pool.