Concrete pools

Usually finished with mosaic tiles or pebble tec.

A concrete swimming pool is the most common type of pool. The basic principal of building is to shutter out the shape of the pool, install steel bars to give the structure more strength and gunite. Gunite is a speciality concrete product that is
pneumatically installed. The gunite is actually applied or "shot" at a minimum compressive strength of 4000 psi at 28 days.
The crew, prior to shooting the gunite, will take measures to protect your home and surrounding areas from any airborne debris. Then finally, the pool shell can be finished in various forms according to your preference such as,

Mosaic Tiles,Spanish or Italian,Stone or Pebble Tec.

Building a concrete pool properly can take as little as 4- 5 weeks dependant on curing times of the shell, size,render and finishes.