At atlaspool, our experienced team use advanced construction
techniques and the highest quality building materials to create
functional and stunning swimming pools, however large or
small. By using atlaspool, your project will be in the safest of
hands and the team will guide you through the entire build to
ensure that your pool supersedes your expectations. There are
a number of construction options, depending on your space
and design taste.    


The most common pool type, concrete pools can be completed in a variety of
difference finishes, including with Pebbletec®,  mosaic tiles or stone. The basic
principal of the build is to block out the shape of the pool, install steel bars to
add strength and add gunite, a speciality concrete product. Before “shooting”
the gunite, the crew will ensure your home and surrounding areas are protected
from any airborne debris. Finally, the pool shell can be filled with your chosen
finish. Building a concrete can take as little as 4-5 weeks, depending on the




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Liner Pools

Typically more cost effective than concrete, liner pools have a PVC membrane and can be completed in a shorter period. Liner pool are made up of two components, the shell and the PVC membrane shell, which gives the same appearance of a concrete swimming pool. Advantages include cost effectiveness and reduced build time.



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Polyester Pools

Polyester pools are a speedy and an effective alternative when a constructed pool isn´t feasible. Heavy duty and durable materials are used.


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Skimmer Pools

A skimmer pool, or freeboard as they´re also known, is where the water
level is lower than the top of the pool wall, with the surface water drawn off
via a skimmer in the wall. As with polyester pools, this option is limited only
by the confines of your imagination. The only options remaining to consider
are the excavation, heating and covering.


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Infinity pools

If your property enjoys views out to the horizon or if your garden has various levels, then an infinity pool is the one for you. The edge of the pool seems to merge with the sky or the ocean producing a visual effect of water with no boundaries.


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Deck Level Pools

In contrast to a skimmer, a deck level pool has water the height of the wall
and overflows into a tank underground. More efficient at skimming the water
surface, a deck level swimming pool has faster filtration, which means you can
achieve improved heating and chemical balance. If this option sounds suitable,
please be advised that an extra room is required for the underground tank and
a catchment channel needs to drain excess water. The level of engineering
these pools is higher and a greater amount of materials are required which
can have a knock-on effect on the cost but when designed well, these pools are a stunning addition to any home or business.


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Artificial Rocks

If you are looking for a special finish to create a natural and relaxing retreat, artificial rocks add beauty and a 3D element to any pool. Constructed with smooth concrete and a non-slip lacquer finish, artificial rocks look incredibly real. Aquapool have a magnitude of designs; just contact our design team to find out more.


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Pebble Tec
Pebble Tec
Pebble Tec
Mosaic tiles
Pebble Tec
PVC membrane
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Steel composite
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Vario Pool System
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Guaranteed impermeability
Pebble Tec
Self-supporting construction
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Short mounting times
Pebble Tec
Absolute longevity
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