Pebble Tec

In letting your dream pool become reality, there is no better partner than Atlas Pool. Atlas Pool is located in Marbella, and years of devoted service have earned it a stellar reputation among its customers along the Costa del Sol and beyond. Atals Pool is not only known for the quality of its work and its high-end customer service, but also for finding personalised solutions that match your indiviual wishes perfectly. For Atlas Pool, every customers is special, and every new project is a new challenge. If you are looking for solutions that go beyond the usual, there is no better partner than Atlas Pool.

Pebble tec – an unique technology in pool design

Designing personalised new pools and remodelling existing pools at affordable prices are among Atlas Pool's key competences - and there is no better way of doing so than with the innovative Pebble Tec technology. Pebble Tec is an interior finish for pools that helps create luxurious and yet affordable pools that are as individual in character as their owners. Pebble Tec surfaces are made using the most beautiful and colorful pebbles from all corners of the globe, giving them a natural appearance that blend in perfectly with the landscaping features of your garden. Thanks to its natural texture, Pebble Tec is particularly durable and low-maintenance - and its non-slip surface makes Pebble Tec safe for people of all ages, from young children to seniors. Pebble Tec is available in a great variety of textures and colours. If you are looking for a pool design that harmonises with the natural surroundings of an outdoor pool, there could not be a better choice than this unique surface. The Pebble Tec technology is one of its kind, and its installation is entrusted to a carefully chosen network of experts around the world. In Marbella and at the Costa del Sol, Atlas Pool is your competent partner for this innovative pool design.

Customised solutions for your pool

Atlas Pool specialises in making the exceptional possible. If you want to create a pool that is both functional and exciting at the same time, the team of Atlas Pool will be happy to develop a customised solution. Atlas Pool has the know-how and technology to make nearly every wish come true. Involving the customer in the process from the earliest planning stage to the finishing touches so as to ensure that the result will be exactly as imagined, is the particular strength of the Atlas Pool team.